2018 All Stars Tournament Dates

The 2018 District 1 All Star Tournament Dates and Locations will be updated as soon as District 1 posts the inofrmation. Check back soon for more info!

All Stars Application and Information

In order to play All Stars for NSLL, each player must return an All Stars Intent Form to the NSLL Board.

Intent Forms must be submitted by May 21st, 2018. Submit an intent form even if you are not certain your player wishes to play. You can later decide not to play, but you cannot play if you miss the submission deadline.

In addition, players must return the following forms with their All-Stars Intent Form:

  1. Tournament Player Verification Affidavit
  2. Proof of Residency- School Enrollemnt form
  3. Medical Release Form
  4. Model Release Form
  5. Orginal Birth Certificate

If you wish to manage an All Stars team, you must complete a manager application and be selected by the Board. Manager Applications must be submitted by May 21st, 2018. More information on the selection process for All Stars managers, coaches, and players can be found in the NSLL Operating Manual.

NSLL All Stars Manager Application

School Enrollment Forms