League Boundaries

How can you tell if your son or daughter will play in North Snohomish Little League or some other league? Snohomish is served by two Little Leagues, North Snohomish Little League and South Snohomish Little League.

A player's league is determined by the location of his or her residence or by the location of his or her school (in both instances the player is considered to "reside" within that league's boundaries). In some cases a player may have two home leagues, in which case they have a choice in which league they play for. Note that Little League International requires all leagues to accept ONLY those players that reside or go to school within their boundaries, except in limited circustamces (which require a waiver).

You can click HERE to determine which league is the correct one for your child. Just enter your home and/or school address.

To establish the player's ability to play in a particular league, you must either:

  1. Complete a School Enrollment Form (school-specific forms are available here) and have it signed by the appropriate school official; or
  2. Provide a document from three or more categories listed here to prove the player's home address.

More information about league eligibility requirements can be found in an eligibility document published by Little League.

Only one method is required, and for players who live and attend school within the boundaries of the same league, completing the School Enrollment Form or providing a signed report card is often the easiest choice.

For North Snohomish Little League, the following public schools are located within our boundary: Snohomish High School, Centennial Middle School, Machias Elementary, Riverview Elementary, Cascade View Elementary, and Dutch Hill Elementary. Some private or parochial schools are also located in the North Snohomish Little League boundary. In addition, some kids who attend Emerson Elementary and Central Elementary live within the boundaries of North Snohomish Little League.

If you reside within the boundaries of one league but attend school within the boundaries of another league, you have a choice of leagues.

This can all be very confusing. If you have questions or would like to inquire about a residency waiver, please contact the NSLL Board at board@northsnohomishbaseball.com.