NSLL Annual Board Meeting

North Snohomish Little League Board Meeting

January 14th 2019 6:00pm @ Todo Mexican Restaurant


North Snohomish Little League has adopted a league-wide safety plan, known as the "ASAP Plan." The ASAP Plan is reviewed and updated each year prior to the Spring Season.

NSLL 2017 ASAP Plan

(As soon as our 2018 ASAP Plan has been updated and submitted to Little League International a link will be posted for your convenience)


In order to keep our children safe while playing for North Snohomish Little League; we comply with Little League International's requirement that each volunteer submit a Signed Volunteer Application (along with a driver's license photocopy) prior to any contact with the children of our league. Your social security number must also be submitted for a valid background check.

First Advantage, a national registry organization has contracted with Little League to provide local leagues with a special Internet site that allows the Board to search a criminal records database of more than 200 million criminal records instantly. This site provides searches of available criminal records from various repository sources and state level sex offender registries across the United States. Though Little League International requires members to search a minimum of the Department of Justice National Sex Offender Registry, this special Internet site includes state level sex offender searches for the entire United States that may uncover violent criminals who could pose potential danger to players and associates. Therefore, North Snohomish Little League has voted to use this service offered by First Advantage and implement a higher standard than required.

ID Badges Must Be Worn At All Times

Throughout our registration process we encouraged every parent/guardian to compete the Volunteer Application process. The reason for this is to be proactive in clearing potential future volunteers. Each coach will be provided a list of who has been cleared through First Advantage and will be able to utilize those people as needed to help with practices or competitions. Please understand that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will anyone who has not been cleared by First Advantage be allowed into any situation where they will have contact with the kids of our league. This includes (but is not limited to) assisting at practices, umpiring, or supervising a group of kids while the coach is busy. Team Parents and Safety Parents must also have a valid NSLL badge. Managers, coaches and volunteers who do not visibly wear their id badges at practices or competitions will not be allowed on the field.

Concession workers will not be required to obtain a badge; however, it is recommended. If you will not be on the field, in the dugout, or assisting with the players in any manner and intent to only work your required shifts in the concession stand, you will not be required to have a badge.

A Note About The First Advantage Online Data Search Program

First Advantage provides North Snohomish Little League the availability of criminal records and sex offender registries from across the United States. The process behind the database search systems attempts to match names, date of birth and social security numbers. Since certain resources are limited to names only, information will be provided to league officials when a match occurs. In the event your name is matched by the First Advantage system you will receive a copy in the mail of the information provided to our league.


March 29, 2017

Dear District Administrators and League Officials,

The Little League® Background Check regulation I (c) 8 and 9 is part of the Child Protection Program, and is in place to help local leagues and districts deter anyone who may wish to do harm to the participants and volunteers in our program.

To further strengthen this protection, Little League's official regulations have been revised for 2017 to reflect that all leagues in the United States are required to conduct national background checks that utilize the First Advantage Screening Solutions provided by Little League International, or another provider that is comparable to First Advantage in accessing national background check records for sex offender registry data and criminal records.

Complete information about the updated background check regulation - I (c) 8 and 9 - including resources for local league volunteers, is available at LittleLeague.org, on the Child Protection Program page.

Be aware that background checks which are done by, or required by, landlords or property owners do not satisfy the regulation. Also, other city, county, or state background checks do not meet the regulation. It is mandatory that the local league do its own background checks on all the required individual such as, but not limited to, team managers, coaches, additional practice coaches, board members, umpires, or other volunteer, or hired workers who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams. For those leagues that have satisfied this regulation in past seasons by utilizing First Advantage, there are not additional expectations, since the First Advantage background check currently meets that standard.

The Little League Data Center provides a running count (see "Important Data Center Update" below), and estimated total, on the number of background checks that each league is expected to complete, and that have been completed, for the current season.

Each local league must also be aware of its state laws, which may require other separate and additional background check processes be completed before individuals would be permitted to assume local league volunteer responsibilities.

No local league shall permit any person to participate in any manner whose background check reveals a conviction, guilty plea, no contest plea, or admission to any crime involving or against a minor or minors. All local leagues must take into consideration criminal records when making the determination whether the individual is unfit to participate in any manner in the league.

In addition to the background checks, all individuals wishing to volunteer with a local league must submit a volunteer application annually, and all volunteer appointments are subject to the approval of the local league's Board of Directors.

Please continue to check LittleLeague.org for other important updates to the 2017 Little League Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Policies.

As you continue to communicate and educate this important information, we wish to express our gratitude and appreciation for your tireless support of the Little League program.


Washington State now requires that all volunteers read and acknowledge the Concussion Compliance Law. please clck on the following link to read and print this information. DOWNLOAD HERE

All Managers and Coaches must complete safety training for concussions at: www.cdc.gov/headsup/youthsports/training/index.html

Please send our completed certificate to board@northsnohomishbaseball.com


Coach Training and Certificate of Completion Every Three Years - every three years, each On Field Volunteer must complete an online sudden cardiac arrest prevention program and submit a certificate showing completion of the program to the club/association.

Until the State of Washington has its own trianing, it has been recommended that we use the National Federation of State High School Associations (NHFS) online training.

The training takes approximately 15 minutes and is available for free at: https://nfhslearn.com/courses/61032.

In order to receive a Volunteer ID Badge, you will need to submit the certification of completion to board@northsnohomishbaseball.com.


All injuries to players and volunteers occurring during a Little League activity should be reported to the Safety Officer.

Here is how:

  1. Download the Little League Injury Report.
  2. Complete the injury report, online.
  3. Submit it to our League Safety Officer at Safety@northsnohomishbaseball.com as soon as possible. (within 24 hours)

In general, an injury report should be completed when an incident occcurs requiring use of the first aid kit or a player sits out of play following the incident.

(Coaches should contact the league safety officer at the end of the practice/game that the injury occurred and direct the parent/guardian to make contact immediately.)