NSLL Annual Board Meeting

Annual NSLL Meeting September 20th 2019

Snohomish Boys and Girls Club @ 7pm

This is an open meeting for all members, if your player was with NSLL for the 2019 Spring or Fall season you are invited to the meeting. This is your chance to elect who sits on your NSLL board. By you coming to the meeting you are not signing up to be on the board but having a vote who is on the board. We hope to see you there!

Softball and Baseball Tryouts

All players wishing to participate in one of the following divisions at North Snohomish Little League must attend at least one tryout:

  • Minors Baseball (AA and AAA)
  • Minors Softball
  • Majors Baseball
  • Majors Softball
  • Intermediate Baseball

Tryouts for the 2018 season will be held in February. Dates, times and locaation will be announced soon:

First Tryout Date: TBA
Baseball: 11-12-13 year olds
Check in at TBA
Baseball: 8-9-10 year olds Check in at TBA TBA
Softball: 8-12 year old (Minors & Majors) Check in at TBA TBA
First Tryout Date: TBA
Baseball: 11-12-13 year olds
Check in at TBA
Baseball: 8-9-10 year olds Check in at TBA TBA
Softball: 8-12 year old (Minors & Majors) Check in at TBA TBA

Juniors and Seniors baseball players do not attend these tryouts. Those teams will be formed after their registration close date.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming season, tryouts, draft, etc. via email at board@northsnohomishbaseball.com.

The North Snohomish Little League Board

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the Tryouts?

North Snohomish Little League uses a player tryout process to determine eligibility and skill level. Due to the large number of players who show up to tryouts, you are strongly encouraged to arrive 15-30 minutes early and plan to stay for 2 hours.

When the player arrives at the tryouts they will be directed to the registration table. Only players who are paid registrants prior to tryouts will be allowed to participate in the tryouts. The players will all be given an identification number to attach to the back of their shirt, and then directed to the warm-up area for their age group.

In the warm-up area the players will be lead in stretching exercises and then pick partners to throw a ball and loosen their arms. When the managers and coaches are ready for that age group, they will be instructed on where to wait for their turn.

Each player will in turn be evaluated on the following:

  1. Catching long fly balls
  2. Long throw after catching the fly balls
  3. Relaying throws from one player to another
  4. Fielding ground balls and throwing to first base
  5. Playing first base and receiving throws
  6. Batting

Each player rotates through all of the positions, and rotate based on a timed schedule. If time permits, players who wish to pitch or catch will be given an opportunity to do so. All pitchers will be given an equal number of pitches, likely limited to 5. If time permits, players may also be asked to participate in a timed run of 60 feet.

During each activity the players are evaluated by the managers and coaches from each division. Each manager and coach has his own style and preference, but they are all evaluating skill, results, effort, and attitude.

For example, the player who catches every ball, hits the target on every throw, and smashes his batting practice may score low if he also pushes the other players, doesn't follow instructions, and displays a bad attitude. Conversely, the player who drops every ball, but chases them down like the game depends on it will likely score higher than you might think.

After the tryouts have been completed the managers and coaches will apply their own 'science' to ranking hundreds of players and develop a list of players they would like to draft for their teams. Every player who attends tryouts will be eligible to be drafted, but there are not enough slots available for everyone, so attendance is not a guarantee.

What if it rains or I can't make the tryout day?

North Snohomish Little League holds tryouts on turf fields, so tryouts will be held rain or shine. While we strongly recommend that each player attend both tryouts, attendance is only required at one tryout. If your player cannot make a tryout, they must attend the other tryout. If your player cannot attend at their time, but can attend during the other tryout timeslot, notify the NSLL Board at board@northsnohomishbaseball.com and we will attempt to accomodate the request.

In the event that your player cannot attend any tryout, he will be placed in a pool to be selected at his lowest eligibility level. He will also not be eligible for the NSLL post-season teams (All Stars). NSLL conducts two tryouts, but requires attendance at only one, to allow sufficient opportunity for every player to be seen by every manager and coach. It is not practice, nor possible, to conduct individual tryouts or to schedule tryout dates and times that work perfectly for every family.

What if a player can't participate in the tryouts due to an injury?

A player who is physically unable to participate in the tryouts due to a temporary injury (e.g. broken arm, sprained ankle, etc) should contact the NSLL Board at board@northsnohomishbaseball.com. In such cases, the Board will consider waiving the requirement to attend tryouts to maintain their eligibility to be drafted to a higher level and their eligibility for All Star participation. If possible, the player should consider registering for their tryout session and attending the beginning of tryouts as a spectator. This will allow managers and coaches to talk to the player if they wish, and will allow the player to observe the beginning of the tryout. But attendance at tryouts is not required in these circumstances.

I volunteered to coach. Does my son need to attend tryouts?

Possibly yes, possibly no:

Volunteering to coach is not an assignment to coach. The Board of Directors will select the best qualified candidates as both manager and coaches. Further, manager and coach assignments are not guaranteed until registration has closed and the number of teams is finalized. Therefore you cannot guarantee your son's placement on any team at any level. Only players who tryout are eligible to play at the higher level for their age group. So if you have a 9 year-old son, for example, he is only guaranteed to play in AA, not AAA, regardless if you are a coach in AAA. Only players who tryout are eligible for post-season All Star teams. If your son is 9 years-old, only wants to play at the AA level, does not want to play All Stars, and you have already been named a manager/coach, he does not need to tryout.

Can I give my player instruction during tryouts?

No. North Snohomish Little League strongly discourages interaction between players trying out and parents or other adults not involved in conducting the tryouts or evaluating players. Tryouts are your player's time to show the managers and coaches what they can do. If your player is making mistakes, that is perfectly fine. As noted above, managers and coaches look at a variety of factors in determining which player to draft, and the process works much better if the players are left to participate in tryouts on their own.